Aelin Cross

Aelin Cross

Aelin Cross is the seat of House Aelin in the county of Aelin (Aelintelki – land of Aelin) situated between the territories of Clan Llera and Clan Taalu.  It controls the lands north of the Grey Mountains up to the banks of the river, Mesua Apa.  Aelin Cross is built upon a leveled hilltop south of River Essom.


History of Aelin Cross

Formerly simply known as Aelin, and previously Aelin Hill.  It was chosen because it gave a suitable view of the lands around it and was considered easily defensible, not only from invaders, but also the indigenous wildlife.  When establishing the town, the hilltop was leveled, walls built and backfilled to created a broad, flat top on which the town grew.  It has an outer and inner gate, both on the northern face facing the river and East/West road.  The outer yard is built on a lower step than the rest of the town.  During floods, herds can be brought up and protected until the waters recede.  Otherwise it is used primarily for firewood and raw material storage.  The inner gate is rarely used except to control the movement of livestock.

Aelin eventually became known as Aelin Cross as it is located by the intersection of the Mountain Road, an active North/South trade route, and the East/West road which spans from coast to coast.  The Mountain Road is not only the only safe pass across the mountains, but also has the only ford across River Essom within several days’ journey.  This crossroads is referred to as Aelin Cross and eventually people used the name for both the crossroads and the adjacent town.

House Aelin was Third House to Clan Kurua.  After the fall of Clan Kurua, Aelin and the allied houses of the former clan chose to remain independent rather than support one of the remaining two clans, Llera and Taalu.  Signing of the Kurua Concord requires that the former Houses provide tribute to each of the clans.  After numerous raids from Lleran border groups, and threat of invasion from across the sea, House Aelin’s relations are strained with Clan Llera.  Being unable to directly seek aid from Clan Taalu without breaking the terms of the Concord, they have instead sought aid in the form of protection from The Guardians.

County Aelin

Aelin is arguably the wealthiest county of Talyat in food grains, and herdlands.  Additionally, they produce clay and clay products (jars, bricks, shingles, bowls, cups, tiles, etc.,) leather, and cheese.  Most (99%) of the population is farm workers and they have no standing military.  The hills above Aelin Cross have a number of berry fields which produce sweet wine for the region.