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Kinslayer takes place in the nation of Talyat, a confederation of two clans, Llera and Taalu, and an alliance of three houses of the defunct Clan Karua known as the Compact.  Talyat is on the northern half of a large island, the southern half, being separated by a nearly impassable mountain range with but one narrow pass across.

Technologically, the world is early bronze age.  However, through the mystical art of “shaping” the skilled are able to extract and shape iron, which is seen as a holy metal, permitted to only very few.

The economy is primarily agrarian, though herding and fishing are also heavily practiced in certain regions.

Clan government is actually decreed by the gods.  Taalu and Llera are the only remaining clans from the original 14 who fled their ancestral lands more than a thousand years prior.  Each clan is supported by a number of great houses who govern regions called “tributes.”  Each tribute is mostly autonomous, with the clan they support only managing the common defense as well as overseeing certain resources, trade, and any disputes between tributes.

The Compact is made up of the former houses of Clan Karua and have joined together in common defense.  After the fall of Karua, only a few decades prior to this story, there was much dispute over the destiny of the lands it held.  War between Llera and Taalu was only avoided with the formation of the Compact and recognition and backing by Taalu.

There is a fourth group which acts autonomously within the bounds of all three groups known as the Guardians.  They were formed after the fall of Clan Naa by the last surviving member of the clan, Aniya.  Being the strongest military group, even without a lineage to support, they remained strong in the defense of the people and have taken up the role of police, judges, and defenders for clans and their people.  They have no lineage, no lands or wealth except for the fortified town of Sanctuary.  They have also taken up the role of scholars, bards, and priests, retaining lore lost after fleeing the ancestral lands.  They take only a portion of all food yields, which they store within Sanctuary and often distribute in times of needs.  They are deeply respected by the people of Talyat.