I’m proud to announce that I’m almost finished up with the Kinslayer Prologue and will be starting Chapter 1 in the next week or two!  It looks like the prologue will be a total of 15 pages, the last three are all scripted, and the rough drawings are about half done.  Page 8 will be posting on Monday, so that gives you an idea of where we’re at now.


I have been learning an awful lot while drawing this first part of the story.  Just having to look up a good way to make speech bubbles was a bit of an adventure.  You wouldn’t think that a little oval with a line thingy would be difficult to figure out, but if something can be made harder, I will definitely find the way.  While drawing, scripting, and generally fretting over the quality of my work, I have also been discovering the power and complexity of WordPress.  I’m mostly happy with the site.  I’m sure there are doodads I could add that would be helpful, but I’ve already removed a lot of widgets I had added initially because they were making the site a jumbled mess.  I’ve also been navigating my way through SEO, webcomics communities, advertising, and things so arcane they would give theoretical physicists a migraine.  Well, maybe not Michio Kaku.


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So the prologue is supposed to be setting up the character a bit, foreshadowing some future conflicts and generally explaining that Juleamun has had a pretty crappy life over the past several years.  Maybe some of that isn’t as clear as it could have been, but whenever I started trying to explain her situation concisely it ended up sounding excessively maudlin.  She’s not the type to dwell, a lesson taught by her father.  Eyes forward, breathe, keep moving.  Dwelling heavily on the bad didn’t fit her internal thoughts which provide the narration for this section.  She’s got more important things to keep her mind on just getting through this ritual.


So we have the conflict inside herself, trying to figure out her place in her changing world.  She is Kinslayer so she is essentially the lowest of the low socially.  She can’t own, trade, inherit, can’t learn a skill, participate in celebrations or most rituals, so her place was really well defined.  She was essentially the town slave, doing whatever labor they set her to without any choice or opportunity.  But now she is taking up the role of Supplicant to the Guardians (which will be explained in greater detail in the next chapter, as well as how she got to be selected) and her world is expanding a thousand fold.  During the years most of us learn social behaviors, language skills, ritual acts, etc. she was shoveling poo, mucking out the waste irrigation, planting, harvesting, and just about any labor her young frame could handle.  Now she’s performing a ritual she’s never gotten to see, and facing a world of interaction and responsibility she’s never learned anything about.  Good thing she’s the type to jump in head first.


The final few pages of the prologue will be introducing some major players in the land and introducing new, more conflicts which will define much of her life as well as much broader story lines affecting all the land.


prologue preview 1

prologue preview 2

Don’t even try. It’s my handwriting and even I can barely decipher it at this resolution.



I’m excited and scared about starting Chapter 1.  I’ll be doing my first action sequences (yay death and mayhem!)  I have the first fight plotted out in text, but translating that to the comic format will be a learning experience for sure.  Please be kind in your judgment!  I’ll get to introduce some minor, recurring characters and show off a bit more of the world and society in which Kinslayer lives.  I’m excited and a little scared to be doing this, and I certainly hope it turns out to be as great in execution as it is in my mind.



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