Kinslayer is currently undergoing a bit of reconstruction.  I got to the point and level of tinkerage that comicpress was starting to cramp my style.  Therefore I am trudging my way through upgrading to Comic Easel.  It will take some work but the theme is coming along.  Please bear with me as things get added and made functional, again.

Already fixed the menus.  One thing that shocked me (giving me the impression that I’d definitely overestimated my abilities) was that the sidebar widgets got located to [left of comic-easel sidebar] and [over comic - easel sidebar] making the whole page look a terror.


Will update as things progress.


2:34 pm – 5) find and fix blog posts  W00T!!  Problem was I had to copy and paste into new posts and publish again.  I stopped what I could as far as updates to various social media but my apologies to my Twitter folks.  Spam is spam no matter where it comes from.  =((  I’ve spent an hour at least trying to figure out how to apply buttons to my comic navigation.  The CSS is somewhere, I have the code, but I can’t find where to put it in the CSS.  ARGGGG!!! I looked on the comic easel forum.  Frumph has some nice posts with the code and everything, but no mention at all where it’s located.  Blehh…. I want to get this part done before I move on to other graphic enhancements I have planned.  And all the time I’m doing this I’m not getting anything done on my story or art.  I’m sure I could have planned this out better… had I any idea what would have been involved.  I read the materials and links that came with the plugins.  Sad I didn’t find the detailed instructions until I looked elsewhere trying to find how to fix the nav buttons.  It would have saved me a lot of work.  Frumph, both curse you and bless you at once.  Your greatness is apparent, but your user friendliness needs help.


11:23 am - 3) footer  4)  above blog ad is messing with my sidebar.  Damn you ads!!!


11:04 am – HA!!!  hahahahahahaha!  I suck.  Somehow I migrated the blog posts along with my comics so they’re all under the comics category, yet they aren’t comics so they aren’t posting in the main comic area, which is a small blessing.  I’m thinking if I just copy and paste the textual formatting and everything over to new posts and repost them in the correct category, the world will be saved.  Yes, aliens were coming and fixing my blog posts will fend them off.  They were going to kill us all and steal our toe jam, valuable resource that it is.


10:51 am – small victory!!!  Using the search thingy to search by tag (in this case, barbarian) I managed to find that my posts are not actually gone gone.  They just aren’t anywhere I can find.  Getting them back to the land of the posts might be very difficult.

10:40 am – 1) header also my categories got messed up.  =(


10:24 am – I lost my blog posts!  I haven’t a clue where they are.  Currently setting a list of tasks to complete.  1) header  2) background (whatever that is, it’s annoying)  3) footer  4)  above blog ad is messing with my sidebar.  Damn you ads!!!  5) find and fix blog posts 6) get some navigation buttons up in there