So I’ve been ill for most of the past week, so I’ve not finished my comic.  I do hope to have it up in the next couple days and I apologize for the delay.  I know we’re in a rather tense moment and we all want to see what happens next!  That guy SO has it coming.

I was considering what to write about this last night before bed and the phrase “unexpected illness” kept playing through my head.  But then, what illness is ever expected?  Perhaps if you have a chronic condition, but otherwise none of us actually plan for illness.  Oh yes, I’ve been planning on getting the flu for months, now!  It delivered right on schedule.  I also recall seeing the phrase “unexpected death” in articles.  He was expecting to get pulled under by the undertow in two weeks, but it got him sooner than he planned.  Whatever.

Sorry again for the late comic.  I’ll have it out as soon as possible!