My recent promotion at work has required a change in my schedule.  I’m now working nights Wednesday through Sunday, making it very difficult to complete my comic in time to post at my usual time of 12:01 AM Monday US Eastern Time.  Instead, I will be posting sometime Monday evening, with a specific time yet to be decided.  Perhaps even noon?  Whatever.  Either way, as the Hitchhiker’s Guide so eloquently suggests, don’t panic!  Kinslayer will continue weekly.  I knew this change was coming, but I was hoping to do it with the start of Chapter 2.  So seldom does life go as planned.

I still have a couple more pages left of Chapter 1.  A bit more action and a small convo with Julea’s pop are coming up.  Then a “Lesson with Juleamun”, the Chapter 2 cover and then Chapter 2 will continue early next year.  Can you believe it’s almost 2014 already?  Kinslayer will be a year old in late February and I’ll only be on chapter 2.  For some reason I don’t like how slow this is going…  The way I figure, with my advertising running like it is, I only need 100x the traffic and I can do this full time.  Ha!

I’m working on some poster ideas for my store.  I’m also thinking of doing some short stories for the world in which Kinslayer takes place, likely published separately.  They would cover stories about Juleamun not included in the comic as well as stories and legends of the Umat (as this people call themselves) and their mythos.  Rawr!  Big dreams, big ambitions, very little time to make them happen!  Just cross your fingers and I’ll do my best.  =)

Again, my apologies for the time change.  I hope you all continue to enjoy Kinslayer at least as much as I enjoy making it!



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