Reminder: No post today!

I just wanted to mention again that I’m not posting a comic this Thursday.  Just in case you popped in and saw a distinct lack of new comic and were wondering why–that would be it.  Comics will be return to schedule starting next Monday.

During the bit of extra time this affords me, I’ve still been working on the comic, but on things not necessarily to do with the next post.  Actually, on the next several posts and even working on a much earlier one.  The closer I get to some very important plot points the more uncomfortable I’ve been getting with my utter failure to bring it up earlier.  So I’m revamping one of my earlier comics (not at all changing its artwork, but adding panels.  It’s one of the half-page ones so it’ll actually go up to being a full page.)  It will both clarify the story thus far and make the coming pages make more sense.  Yay sense!

Reminder (1-5 rehash)

This will be set atop 1-5 making it match the size of my other comics.


I’ve also been roughing out the next several comic pages making sure to keep the essential story elements together.  I need to get some flow up in here!  The chapter will be finishing up soon, which I find exciting.

While Chapter one was very action oriented, chapter two will be very story oriented.  We’ll see more of Taalu and Gilgorne and get to see more of the city of Aivarin and even Sanctuary–home of the Guardians.  The bad news is that I’ll be cutting down to one comic per week starting with chapter 2.  They will be posted on Mondays, the same size and hopefully ever-increasing quality.  I might be enticed to post a bit more often, though.  I’ll have to come up with an incentive system, maybe?  The issue is work+comic=no sleep or time to plan out more than next week’s comic.  If there was a way to bring in donations, I could afford a bit more time for the comic.  I hate asking for money, but that’s really about where it stands.  Guaranteed 1 per week.  More than that will take donations.  How much is yet to be decided, but even a starving artist needs to sleep–eating is nice, too, but sleep is what’s lacking here.


Thank you all and I hope you enjoy what’s to come,

Marc Thompson.