Clothing is very basic. Bronze age clothing was generally grey, with only varying shades and maybe a bit of brown or whatever stains it might accrue, often blood, sweat or other body fluids. Dyes were crazy expensive, so wool was woven and worn in the color it came off the sheep.


Buildings are mostly stone, mud brick, or wattle and daub depending upon materials. Clay, thatch, or planks are used for roofing. Found materials are the order of the day for many.


Tools were fairly simple. Shaped wood, bronze, rawhide, twine, rope, leather, and stone. Wind and watermills were a bit beyond the tech, but simple mills manned by people or animals could be used, but most people just used a large shaped stone mortar and wooden pestle to grind their grain. This had the benefit of being portable.


Windows… well, generally poorer houses wouldn’t have them. They’d just be mud brick heaps with thatch. Just somewhere to keep the rain off, keep your food stores dry, and attempt to keep warm during winter. Most waking hours were spent working. 7 days a week. That was life in an early agrarian society. Any time that wasn’t spent working, sleeping, or eating, was likely spent scootily-pooping. Sooo… not so bad if you think about it.