I will be posting a comic soon, just not yet.  It’s written and the layout is ready, I just have to do the line work, etc.  However, instead of line work, today I’m going to be replacing most of the guts of my computer in an upgrade that should result in a massive performance boost for my computer (and a much less laggy time with my drawing programs!)  That involves a lot of work and time which I will thoroughly enjoy because I’m sick like that.  It is something I’ve been dreaming of doing for a very, very, very long time, now.  Wish me luck, and if all goes well I’ll be working on my line work tonight to have something to post by morning!  Worst case scenario is I end up putting the old guts back in while I RMA.

The trial is almost over.  I find it hilarious that Taalu hasn’t even bothered to learn the name of his victim.  His disdain is complete.  So we’ve learned a bit about the kind of guy Taalu is (more to come, of course) and the reason and method by which Kinslayer got the marks on her hands.  Imagine that being done to a six-year-old child.  Approximately.  They don’t really keep track of years, just the number of seasons (harvests) a person has been alive.  So, math.