Valentines Day drawing for my dream girl. Less than three you, hun!

Happy Valentines Day!  I hope all of you have a delicious holiday and get to spend it with someone you care about.

Take a breath.  Feel it in your lungs.  Let it out.  (It’s valentines day… humor me.)

Aside from radioactive decay, which can take quite a long time, atoms stay relatively unchanged.  The hydrogen we have on this planet is more or less the hydrogen that’s always been here.  Same for the helium, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, neon, argon, et al.  All these millions of atoms that you just breathed in have likely been circulating and getting used by the biosphere of this planet for hundreds of millions of years.  There’s a very good chance that you breathed some of the very atoms (not necessarily in the same molecules) that dinosaurs once breathed.  When algae was first blooming in the seas, when grasses first covered the lands, when flowers first bloomed, this oxygen is the stuff they released.  When fish first crawled onto land to take air into its primitive sacs, and as the first mammals fed their young, these are the atoms they took into their lungs.  When the Mongols conquered… everything, when Socrates taught his pupils, when the American Founders signed their Declaration, this is the air they used.

The Mongols

Mouth breathers, the lot of them!

Any given molecule of air can travel the earth in a matter of days.  Not weeks, but days.  Air is something universal for people on this planet.  We take it in, make it part of us, and then we release it.  Plants take it in, change it, and release it.  We are all connected in a very primal way.  Every single one of us.  Chances are that a molecule I breathed only a short time ago is now a part of you, even if just for a short time, and that some tiny, minute part of me is from you, dear reader.  Think of the people you care about.  Think about this tiny connection we all have with each other.  It’s a bond that can’t ever be broken.  Even if we never meet, we are connected.

Happy Valentines Day!