I’m really sorry to delay the page, again.  Work is kicking my butt, and it was my own doing.  I picked up a shift Wednesday as a favor to my boss and then a fellow shift needed me to cover Sunday since she didn’t feel safe driving in with the icy roads.  So here I am being a somewhat good Samaritan (I need the money, I won’t lie) and feeling awful for delaying the comic.  I did do a lot of writing this morning before work, at least.  I’ll do some layouts during my break today.  It’ll be easy since I won’t be the guy in charge.  Amazing how meaningless breaks can be, sometimes.  So anyway, I have a day off, Thursday.  If I bust my ass I can probably have a page to post on Friday or Saturday.

We are quickly approaching the third and final path of the chapter, “Roads,” where Gilgorne (Taalu’s Shield-bearer) visits the Clay District to set certain plans in motion.  Set in and around the old clay pit, which has since been flooded, the clay district is a densely populated and very poor part of Aivarin.  Within the pit is the market, connected by water to the river.  Homes and workshops are built all about the crater and even on stilts upon the waters within the pit.  The most established landmark in the area is the Shovel’s Rest, a tavern established decades before when disgruntled clay miners decided to stop digging and start drinking.  Ahhhh free enterprise.  It still serves as the largest public house where meetings and socializing occur in the district.