Chapter 3: Esse is on its way, but before that I have a little mini comic planned.  Rather than bust out the spoiler-ridden mess that Lessons with Julea weapons or mythos would present, I have chosen to do a little storytime with Julea, instead.  This would be a little presentation of one of the stories that define the Umati culture as it’s shown or told in the traditional manner.  I know that Julea is currently incapacitated in a dead-ish sort of way, so storytelling isn’t really her strong suit at the moment, so I’ll be taking you way back to when she was little more than a toddler seeing her first story as played by the sword dancers in the company of her then-living father.  I’m still fleshing a few bits and pieces out, but I should have the first of it up in about a week.  It should only be a few pages long, so no huge delay in getting back to our story.