Chapter 1 is just bursting with excitement!

Chapter 1 cover rough composition

Ch.1 cover rough composition

I’ve started work on Chapter 1 in earnest. I’ve been fussing and worrying over it for the past few weeks but now that I’m into it, things are cruising right along. I’m excited because it means I’ll finally be getting into some action (yay!) and you’ll finally get to learn a bit about Julea, and what’s more, you’ll get to see her be more than a wooden, confused , introspective waif.  Yup, she’ll be an heroic, stubborn, introspective waif!  Also, we’ll get to meet some new characters and there will be blood and guts and stuff.

I want to change a couple things as I get into the next chapter. The first is I’ll be doing a slightly smaller page format. The reason behind it is two-fold. First, the smaller page will fit better on the screen making for less scrolling to see the full page. Making things easier for the reader = win. Secondly, I’m hoping it’ll force me to stop trying to put too much story on each page and it will take a bit less time to finish them. That’s the idea, anyway. It’s not entirely logical, but since when is playing head games with yourself logical?

Anyway, what I hope to get out of this is the ability to finish pages fast enough to post twice weekly. Yup, two posts a week! More story, more content, more awesome!


Here are a few tidbits to whet your appetites. The fun really is just beginning!

Chapter 1 p1

Aelin Cross main gate

Run Jules,, run!

Nothing beats a jog through the woods.

Chapter 1 ass kicking commences

Kick their asses, Jules!!