I posted about it on Facebook, but I’m guessing not everyone follows that.  So here’s the poop.  I broke my wrist a couple weeks ago after slipping on some black ice in my complex.  They tried setting it, but it didn’t take so I’ll be going in for surgery tomorrow morning.  They’ve already cut my cast in preparation and have it wrapped to keep it together until the surgery.  They’re going to implant a metal plate and screws to hold everything together.  To be honest I’m terrified.  There’s also the problem of cost.  While I do have insurance, it will only cover so much, and there’s a rather steep deductible.  On the plus side, the doctor said that recovery should be significantly quicker.  He said that since I was going to have the equivalent of a cast on the inside instead of the outside that I’ll be able to start moving and using my wrist sooner.  I should still avoid using it for anything for the first couple weeks, but after that I can do some lighter work like writing or …drawing!  And typing.  This typing with my off-hand thing is tedious.  Bonus: I will be about .5% on my way to becoming Wolverine.  Also, I get to annoy people at the airport.  ”Are you smuggling a bomb in your arm, sir?”

I’ll let you all know how it goes.  Wish me luck, and if anyone feels compelled to help, let me know.  I’m considering the benefit of a gofundme campaign.