About Kinslayer 

A young social outcast seeks redemption for the accidental murder of her father and uncle in a bronze age world full of mysticism and war.  Kinslayer is written and drawn by Marc Thompson.

Warning: Adult level of maturity (age notwithstanding) is recommended.

There is nudity, violence, adult situations, probably some sex at some point, more violence, not terribly appetizing food choices, realistic details, and other possibly offensive things.



Prologue Cover

Prologue:  Kinslayer performs the rite of purification, a common rite performed by those moving on to the next stage of their lives, be it apprenticeship, marriage, or death.  She must face her fears and leave all she knows behind so that she can move forward toward her goal of redemption.

Ch1 cover

Chapter 1: Nascence  Where Kinslayer is banished, losing the protection of her home town and the Magistrate who guarded her life so she can begin her journey to Sanctuary in hopes of joining the Guardians.  While on the road, she rushes to the rescue of a merchant attacked by barbarians (bar bar bar!)  During the course of the battle, her will is tested and strength discovered.  At the edge of death, she discovers a mysterious protective spirit who aids and nearly destroys her.

Chapter 2: Roads  Where Taalu, Juleamun, and Gilgorne each contemplate, learn about, and make decisions regarding the life and death of the Kinslayer while on the way to their destinations.