Storytime With Julea: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – “Shaer and the Shadows”

The woman who plays Shaer is the best female fighter, who happens also to frequently be the best fighter in the group.   It makes sense as the families that form the core of each troupe was a family that served Clan Na before it fell.    The last leader of Clan Na is the revered goddess Aniya who gave her corporeal life defending the Umat a thousand years ago.  While some of her followers formed what would become the Guardians, others refused to join the remaining clans and instead formed loosely affiliated autonomous groups who lived along side but separately from their brethren.  Some groups became loremasters and performers traveling town to town.  They are teachers and warriors and are known to always lend their aid whenever it’s needed.  While they are sometimes viewed with suspicion for remaining apart from the laws and customs of the clans, often blamed for thefts or even inclement weather, they are also revered for their bravery and selflessness whenever an outside threat arises.  They carry on the mission Aniya set for them: the protection of the Umat people.


*  She takes jumping at shadows to another level.  Ha!  This is actually four different guys getting beaten, it’s just that they’re all in exactly the same outfits with exactly the same weapons.  It didn’t occur to me that it would be an issue figuring out what was going on as she pivoted from one opponent to the next.  Each one you see her striking is another guy.  Ah well, at least it’s a pretty page.


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