Storytime With Julea: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – “Shadows Advance”

Little Julea is currently chewing on her fist.  This is the kind of turn around that make this particular play exciting from performance to performance.  The crowd never knows quite what to expect.  Two remaining shadows and it looks like they’re finally putting up a fight!


*  Many apologies for the delay for this one.  It’s really no fault but my own.  I have a perfectionist streak that goes into overdrive to the point where it’s completely paralyzing.  I finally was able to push myself to the F-horizon.  The point beyond which I no longer give a f**k.  It usually hits me when I push myself to exhaustion and I just need to get something done OR I set a deadline and I need to push something out.  I didn’t set a deadline for myself so nothing happened.  I need to get back to that.  There were a lot of bits for this page that I just didn’t know how to execute.  I hope you all enjoy it, anyway.  Ugh… that hand irritates me so much.


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