Storytime With Julea: Nou-sen Sha Ka Tabri – “Sha Turns Away the Shadows”


“Nou of the Waters, of the Night,

stepped before the Lord in his fury, and

turned away Sha of the Fires, the light,

the shadows fled…


…strike after strike

Nou of the Waters, of the Night

danced between never touched

by the flames. She turned

to the void and fled his wrath.”


I imagine both Kalem and Julea were too caught up in the exchange to carry on a narration.  I know I was.  ;)

*  It took a bit of work to get the colors to stand out a bit better than the last couple pages.  Overall I’m pretty pleased.  Also, I don’t believe bronze would spark or the meeting of the blades could have been a bit more dramatic.  That’s still quite the catch by Nou.  These sword dancers are amazing, aren’t they?


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