“Lessons With Julea – Armor”

Kalem really knew his stuff.  Please be sure to thank him for the lesson before his ‘body’ poofs away!


* The Guardian armor is based loosely upon the historic armor known as linothorax.  The actual construction is still debated, though replicas made entirely from linen have proven surprisingly effective, stopping arrows shot point blank and straight on, as well as sword slashes and stabs.  The Guardian’s armor is lighter in weight but with similar characteristics.  It’ll stop MOST stabs and cuts, but blunt force trauma is still a worry.  This is how Juleamun survived the slash to her abdomen from that hulking fellow in 1-42.  Good thing she had her abdomen tight from all that screaming or she’d be even worse off.  NOTE: that iron sword was still a problem.  The reason is yet to be revealed.

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