Chapter 2-56 “The Agreed Price”

“I got it for a dance.”  What good is dignity if it can’t get something for it?

So ends Chapter 2.  Sebriin has his task set and Gilgorne gets to embarrass himself.  Yay!

* I’m really very pleased with how Gilgorne came out on the top right.  Hmmm… maybe someday I can do that well consistently.

** Coming up, I have a Lessons with Julea, but I haven’t decided on doing weapons or the Umati mythos.  You can let me know what you think here or on the Kinslayer facebook page.  Chapter 2 will bring us back to Julea and Amun, and we’ll get to meet a new character as well as see the lovely town of Esse.  Actually, it’s a pretty dirty place.  They’re farmers, they really can’t help it.


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