Chapter 2-51 “At the Shovel’s Rest”

Sometimes to get things moving the way you want, you have to grease the wheels.

The Shovel’s Rest is a public house at the edge of “The Pit” in the clay district, the section of Aivarin that’s grown up around an enormous clay pit. After opening the pit to the river, it’s also become a port for trade serving certain industries and the poorer parts of the city.

* After an eventful couple weeks and a few interesting distractions, I’ve finally managed to knock this thing out.  Yay!  I’m really pleased with how the Pit is looking here.  There’s so much stuff here I’ve never tried, so I’m pretty happy with how much of it turned out.  I hope you all like it, too.  Now I must sleep or I’ll be a wreck at work.  =(


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