Chapter 2-45 “Illumination”

What would it be like to never experience the world in the order of time?  To simply know everything that happened all at once; there would be no tension, no suspense, no excitement.  Amun instantly learns a person’s whole story upon collecting their soul and he’s seen the lives of great heros and lowly felons, but he’s never experienced the thrill of the chase, the fear of failure, or the relief of surviving against all odds.  Everything simply is.  What a way to ruin every book ever.

* I actually should have had this comic posted about 24 hours ago.  However, my antivirus went berserk.  I got a notification from it to restart because it found a virus, and I was all about that.  I went to restart my computer and it also had an update so I just let it do its thing.  Apparently Panda Antivirus released an update that caused it to identify parts of its own program as malicious software.  But beyond that, it actually started quarantining portions of the Windows operating system.  So when I restarted the system, the stuff that it quarantined was pretty much just gone.  Windows sort of started.  Like it was there, the desktop and all the icons, but I couldn’t click on anything.  I’d just get an error message.  I couldn’t open the Control Panel.  I couldn’t even start the computer in safe mode.  I pulled out my installation disks and tried to do a refresh, but it couldn’t find the portions of Windows it needs to do that.  I had to reformat the disk and do a fresh install.  It took me about 14 hours all told just to get everything in working order, again.  I had to do all the updates, reinstall my drivers, install my software.  I forgot how much I’d customized my workspace in Manga Studio 5.  I had to find the updates for it.  Ugh… What a pain in the rump.  So anyway, my computer has a fresh install and runs even faster, now, so that’s a bonus.  I just haven’t managed to sleep in the past two days.  Yay.  I only had a few more hours of work to do on the comic when this happened.  Good thing I backed it up in multiple locations or I would have been screwed.

** Good night.


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