Chapter 2-43 “Kalem Faces Nata”

I’d call it peer pressure, but not one of these people is actually his peer. Don’t forget, he’s about the nearest thing to a prince in these lands. Not that anyone would know that except that merchant he’s traveling with.  Kalem happens to be a pretty humble guy in some respects.  *cough*girls*cough*  That’s okay, he’s got a loyal companion and a crowd not giving him a choice.  How about cheering him on at the Kinslayer facebook page!

* In sport or game fighting, it’s not about killing blows, it’s about making the strike.  That being said, looks like that first kid is still really feeling it.  Also, the butt of the weapon counts.  Anyone who’s ever been hit with a hammer knows this.  Notable fact: until relatively recently, almost all sports were either war or hunt related skill contests.  The only exception I can think of is tlachtli which was used as a proxy in place of actually going to war.  The Western version would be to just have champions fight it out so your entire army didn’t have to die.  War tends to be costly for all sides.


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