Chapter 2-41 “Kalem Takes Shelter”

Ah, the sweet sepia of memory.  For those concerned, the farmers take great care in their festival setup.  Those tents can take a beating.  Good thing, too.  I bet those folks get crazy when they’re drunk.  Also, the Kinslayer facebook page requests your presence.  …and your share.  And your sweet, sweet love.  like.  Whatever.


* (MY FIRST ACTUAL FOOTNOTE!!!!)  ”For food and drink” is a phrase that essentially means “for the fun of it.”  Umat culture always provides very well for their guests, so food and drink are never things that need worry a festival-goer.

** Sword dancers are nomadic groups without a clan who make a bit doing shows, telling stories, and providing other entertainments and services to the various villages they visit.  They claim a link to the clan Na, which fell to ruin after the ascension of Aniya.  They refuse to take root or join another clan, claiming all the Umat are their people.  During times of strife, they will often appear and help however they can.  Some folk have taken to associating them with the disasters (correlation versus causation issue.)  Also, the fact they live outside “normal” society has made them a matter of suspicion to many.  If something was broken or goes missing, if an accident happens after they’ve passed, it’s often attributed to them.

Nevertheless, they are welcome during festivities for the entertainment they bring, and it’s a rare person who turns away their help when they offer it.

*** I am so very unhappy with this page.  It took forever and I just couldn’t get a layout I liked and couldn’t seem to get my art thing on.  I think it does a reasonable job communicating what I want.  It just doesn’t look right to me.  Bleh.


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