Chapter 2-40 “Focus”

Poor Kalem trying to keep her awake, trying to keep her focused and engaged.  Can you imagine how hard this must be for him?  Of course Amun doesn’t have a clue.  Mr. Sensitivity there is more interested in giving a play by play and being confounded by the silliness of mortals.  You should really give him a clue by visiting the Kinslayer Facebook page!


* My apologies for the late post.  It took me forever to come up with a layout I didn’t despise, and even then, I had the worst time coming up with colors that carried the mood I wanted and actually worked together (skin/hair.)  Lack of formal training is kicking my butt, but I’m learning with each new comic.  It’s just really really really hard.  At least I’m reasonably proud of this one.  Not as much as I’m am the last one, but I was so inspired for it that it practically drew itself.

** Rapid blood loss can cause mild to severe shivering according to the Merck manual I accessed via the internets.  Rapid means within the period of a few hours and this certainly qualifies.  Even though we’re seeing some evening colors there, it’s still shortly after noon.  Mood, man.  It’s the mood!  Mood.

*** Current jam is “Mozaik Role” by Deco 27 and sung by Marina.  Sure, it’s Japanese, but it’s pretty damn cool and Marina has to be one of the better female rock vocalists putting stuff out.  It’s worth checking out.  (and it’s available on iTunes.  Support the art you love! (hint))


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