Chapter 2-37 “A Moment’s Rest”

Yeah, after that grin, I’d be running, too.  Good thing since she’s not looking too healthy.  Oh look!  That yox is doing cute yox things.  Kinslayer’s facebook wants desperately for you to like it.

* Sorry for the unfinished monochrome.  I’ll refine the drawing, do the colors and add the blood in over the next couple days and repost.  Time is weird, and it doesn’t help that I just did a painting for a friend’s birthday which sucked up a lot of my free time last week.  I’m selling prints and other stuff on my Society 6 account if you’re at all interested.  They make great after Christmas presents! (since the chance you’ll get it before Christmas is probably already really slim.)  You can also see a slightly larger scale version on my Devart page.

 sexy pirate picture kitsune

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