Chapter 2-35 “Bluff”

As CaptEndo so eloquently stated, “Bluff. Force surrender or retreat when in fact you have not the reserves to do so. Go All In with Sevens and Twos. Have you not watched the final confrontation in The Princess Bride?”  And don’t forget a fair bit of finger crossing, wishing upon stars, and whatever other good luck charms you can think of.  Go show your support at the Kinslayer facebook page!

* I originally had some text written out, her father telling her to carry their leader’s sword out front, to stand strong and not show any weakness, blah blah blah.  I decided it came off a lot stronger without all that.  So here we have a textless comic I’m really quite proud of.

** I will be observing American Thanksgiving this week and so the next comic will not be for another week.  My apologies, and I wish you all a lovely holiday!

*** I apologize for the late comic this week, but some really cool stuff happened.  First, I got Dragon Age: Inquisition.  It’s AAAAAAmazing!  Get it now.  NOW!  I have about 24 hours on it and it’s by far the best of the franchise and is quite possibly the prettiest game I’ve ever played.  That’s including a highly modified super-textured Skyrim, so that’s saying quite a lot.  I intend to do a post soon with screens and my impressions just because it’s that sweet.  So right now, Dragon Age is my hot hot sex.  (it’s a music video, you pervs.) Also, I spent a good 6 hours assembling and setting up my brand spanking new desk! It’s so choice.


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