Chapter 2-34 “Grit”

“Let me see you grit those teeth!”

-Kamina, Gurren Lagann

Leave it to the god of the dead to not have faith in the living.  Good thing her dead father does. Her father also has faith in her facebook page. The dead are all about social media.


* It was very interesting drawing a distorted mirror image of her.  Yes, the sword is now in her right hand.

** Gurren Lagann is a really enjoyable anime.  I don’t really get into mecha anime, but this one turns that style on its head and then breaks all kinds of physics.  What really drives the whole thing is its characters.  Kamina was a true man of action and he had complete faith in his friend, Simon, especially when he didn’t have faith in himself.  Once during a battle, Simon gets scared and freezes up.  Kamina jumps onto him, yells, “Let me see you grit those teeth!” and then belts him hard in the jaw.  I busted my gut laughing, but it was exactly what was needed to break him out of his condition.


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