Chapter 2-32 “Amun Curious”

Who knows what awaits at the cart when they get there?  (Amun, but he’s not telling.)  In her condition there’s not much she can do if there’s anyone to put up a challenge.  It’s enough to keep a god’s attention, so there must be something interesting coming up!

You know what else is interesting?  Julea’s facebook page!  Yup, you knew that was coming, right?

*Was Amun a little insulted there?  Who knew gods were so easily offended?  Well, aside from just about every god from the Bronze Age onward.  Okay, so maybe Amun’s reaction is a little mild, considering.  Were he Mediterranean god, he’d probably be doing horrible things to her right now like a transformation into a weak little bird and then tear off her wings.  Those guys were crazy back in the day.


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