Chapter 2-26 “Sundered”

So damn.  That had to hurt.  Nothing like getting soul sundered and your twin getting his obliterated all at once.  In my mind, the sword strike was like a feedback loop.  Too bad Nadem didn’t know about reversing polarity.  That trick always works.  You know what else always works?  Kinslayer’s facebook page!  It’s yet another convenient means to follow the adventures of Juleamun.

* Trying something new, again!  It’s just tinting my monochrome, but it has a nice effect.  I’ll have to refine it a bit, but I really like it.

** Kalem’s hair was once long and fancy like his brother’s, but he cut it off when he started courting Nata.  He gave up all the trappings of wealth when he chose his new life and joined a farming community after being cut off by his father.


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