Chapter 2-25 “Hedri Rescues”

Hedri is a Guardian and is currently magistrate of Aelin Cross.  Being learned in letters, numbers, and lore, as well as adhering to an austere code make Guardians ideal candidates for town and city management.  It is widely believed that Guardians are proof against corruption.  Of course, they aren’t… but Hedri is about as true a fellow as anyone will ever meet.  In fact, he’d very much like to meet you on the Kinslayer facebook page!

* I actually rewrote this page after doing the first half dozen roughs for it (realizing that what I had in my mind just didn’t work,) requiring me to do the whole thing over again.  It got a lot less stiff in the retelling, I’m pleased to say.  Also, I really wanted some color for this one.  It just fits.

** Julea is so tiny.  She is notably NOT a badass at this point.  She is, however, overwhelmed with grief and scared out of her wits.  I’m really happy with how scared she looks.   That was hard to draw.


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