Chapter 2-23 “Blessed of Aniya”

A short recount of a very popular story(often sung) among the Umat, especially those in the Compact and certain areas of Taalu where Aniya is held very highly.  Naturally, such stories grow with the telling.  In twenty years, she’ll have broken an entire army with the last swing of her arm before dying, and the child springing whole from her womb to finish off the stragglers.  Damn, that sounds downright Grecian.  Aniya is a defensive war/mother deity and consort to Umo (and happens to be the former mortal who inspired the formation of the Guardians.)  You think that’s far-fetched?  Athena was born whole from Zeus’s head and was the goddess of strategic warfare and home crafts like weaving.  Arachne challenged her to a weaving contest and became the mother of all spiders for beating her.  Athena was kind of a bitch.

* I swear upon the names of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Isaac Newton, and Robert Hooke that I didn’t know about Conan’s birth story as depicted in the film.  I saw it like a year ago and just about had a meltdown.  I figured it worked for the story and kept it as is.  If anyone decides to draw comparisons or start flames, then that’s their problem.

** I also just realized I hadn’t mentioned that I was taking a week vacation.  Sorry about the delay for this comic.  I was resting, catching some flicks, playing some games, and discovering the very strange joy that is Vocaloids.  By the way, does anyone play Starforge?  I got it for super cheap on Steam and I’m semi-obsessed atm.  The only thing that would make it better is team Starforge.  It’s still in beta, and its gameplay is pretty much just a sci-fi Rust.  I’m half-drooling with the prospect of playing it once this post is scheduled.  Edit: I cannot recommend purchasing Starforge, yet, unless it’s on sale for $5 like when I got it.  It’s in beta and fun as hell, but it really does have only limited gameplay atm.  I built a mega fortress and am left standing around wondering what else is left to do.  Many limitations, but huge potential.  It’s one to watch.

*** Taalu’s nose is weird looking.  I need more practice.  Also, I’m quite proud of my baskets of root veggies, as well as the little hoe thingy in the first frame.  Mmm agriculture!  Now I’m hungry.


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