Chapter 2-21 “Masters’ Weapons”

MMMMmmmm finally getting to explain some things.  Feels good.  She’s speaking specifically about master or bound weapons, but there are other tools made this way for masters of other arts.  A master smith’s hammer, a healer’s knife, or even pestle (don’t think a mortar would be practical.)

* Conceptual art is harrrrrd.  But whatever, I had fun doing it.  Nothing like a little info dump to get the story moving.

** I’ve been on a bit of a They Might Be Giants bender while doing this page.  I was watching one of Weird Al’s new videos and ended up on his channel on Youtube where I watched “Bob” his song in the style of Bob Dylan where every lyric is a letter palindrome.  Naturally, what popped into my mind was “I Palindrome I” From TMBG’s album Apollo 18.  So I looked that up and got sucked right in.  The Johns are freaking geniuses.  I forgot how wonderful their music is and fun/mindbending/educational their lyrics are.  Ah well…  good stuff.

*** Monochrome-ish with color for emphasis?  It’s still a work in progress, right?
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