Chapter 2-20 “A Challenged Conception”

You have such a fine picture of how things are going and then someone just blurts out something that spins it all sideways.  Okay, she didn’t really blurt it out.  This conversation is going pretty much how she wanted it to from the start.  She knows she has him hooked.  Now she just has to reel him in.  The threat referred to is from Prologue 13.

* I’m really starting to really enjoy Master Olya.  She looks pretty good for being just over a century old.  Yes, that’s about 2.5 times the average lifespan for the common person in this society.  I’m still getting to the whys and hows so fear not!  Her wrinkliness was a lot of fun to draw.  I daresay this is my best page yet.

** New font in use here.  I had an issue with the old font where the “I”‘s were kinda disappearing when followed by an “N”, so the “Father slain” looked like “Father slan.”  I’ve also had a couple others reported to me.  They’re all correct, it’s just the font sucks.  So, I bought this font.  It’s easy to read, it has a sort of earthy feel to it, but I’m not sure it will carry action well.  I guess we’ll find out.  I get the feeling I’ll have to go through all my comics at some point and fix them so they all have consistent elements like fonts, bubbles, etc.  Maybe if I ever get around to doing a print version…

*** Also, I’m really enjoying the monochrome thing.  I think it looks much better.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing this or just do it for a while until I can feel more comfortable with colors again.  Either way, I know I’ll have to go to colors, at least partially, when I get back to my girl Julea.  The belt, the sash, and her eyes are all pretty important for her character design… and probably the blood she’s currently covered in, at least for the next part of the story.  Oh yes, our little Kinslayer is coming back, soon. xD


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