Chapter 2-19 “Recalling Kalem”

The Roaring Gate is the gate nearest the High City and is built nearest the waterfall that when its doors are opened, the sound is like that of a great, roaring beast.  The district is built around the warehouses and a marketplace.  It’s densely populated but not very wealthy, housing many who work in the higher wealth quarters of the city.  It’s the nearest to what we would consider “middle class”.

* Drawing the cityscape took most of my time on this.  I had no idea how to do it when I started but I knew sort of what I wanted.  Overall I’m very happy with the result.  It looks like a huge damn city.  It’s not nearly as big as Rome at its height, but still very impressive.  This is the biggest city of the Umat currently, and probably in all their long history.

** As you all may know, the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter was successful.  I’m a bit sad I didn’t think to post something about it, but I am a proud supporter.  I grew up on the show and loved it dearly.  I’m glad to help bring it to another generation of kids.  I never really knew how to put into words the precise value of Reading Rainbow until recently.  It doesn’t teach children how to read.  Countless shows attempt to teach that.  It is the only show I know that teaches children why to read.


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