Chapter 2-16 “Catch!”

That’s some catch, Taalu!

Yay, the icon is back!  Also, that’s the temple of Aniya in the background, there.  Baras comes through, again, providing an icon to help Taalu with the decision ahead.  An icon is an image or representation of a god.  In this case, it’s used in prayer or meditation, or even placed in a temple to seek aid from that power for a specific purpose.  Taalu has a major decision about the life and death of a certain young lady and must consider the implications of his actions on his people.  I can’t help but wonder what icon Baras provided.


* I spent way too long trying to figure out a suitable image for the icon and then painting it in a way that makes it look like it was done on wood.  It’s insufficient at the moment, mainly due to it being drawn by Baras’ daughter (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)

** Having caught things like this on the fly before, I find that more often than not my fingers end up in somewhat awkward positions.  So Taalu here isn’t a three fingered man, his index finger ended up behind the icon.

*** Changed the comic a bit.  The prior art didn’t work for me.  Taalu diving for the icon just didn’t quite match up with what I wanted to say.  Also, it looked stupid and didn’t match his character.  I won’t say I’m completely happy with this, either, but much moreso than with the previous art.


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