Chapter 2-11 “Condemned”

This is a pretty standard sentence for a criminal among the Umat.  Someone must take responsibility for the condemned, and they will decide what labor will be done for the term of their sentence.  Those who choose exile are free to wander, but may take no land, may enter no towns, deal with no merchants, take no trade, etc. etc.  Most who choose exile simply leave the claimed lands of the Umat and join other exiles there.  Sometimes families will leave together, but that is very rare.  Any exile who commits a crime is given a swift death.  Any who seek redemption who commit their crimes again during their sentence are given death.  Any other crime is exile.  As far as primitive criminal justice goes, it’s pretty decent.  Another pertinent detail: one who is marked in such a manner cannot enter the afterlife.  Amun will simply ignore them and let their spirit wander and decay into oblivion.  One who is redeemed will have those marks removed.  One who dies having been faithful to their sentence will also be considered redeemed.  The exiled get no such reprieve and are forever barred from the next life.  So yeah, it’s a pretty straight-laced society.  Do note, they don’t really have much purpose for a jail.

* Again, this is a good illustration of what Kinslayer is living through.  She carries the burden of one of the worst of the unforgivable crimes, so hers is a lifetime sentence, unless through “deed and intent” (something we might award a Medal of Honor for–those are usually posthumous, of course) she can earn her redemption.  Otherwise, it’s just dying while having served well and never committing another crime.

** this was the easiest install of a new motherboard, CPU, and OS ever.  Windows 8 is pretty sweet once you get used to it.  They did dumb it up a bit, but they also made some of it very easy to work with and customize.  I even like the tiles once I figured out how to manipulate them.  One thing that does irritate me beyond belief is that there is no DVD recognition.  None.  You cannot watch DVDs on your computer unless you get Pro and the media player upgrade, or you get a third party app.  From what I saw the only decent apps thus far cost $40+ dollars.

Other than that, very smooth, very intuitive, very compatible.  I likes it.  And I always have Netflix and Hulu to fall back on for video entertainment.  xD

***Sorry for the late and unfinished post.  Like the last one, i’ll be finishing it over the next few days.  Even though the install of the new stuff was relatively easy, it was still time consuming.  What you’re seeing here is pretty much my last step before doing the final linework.  I did some shading to help bring it together.  I have to say it still looks pretty good.


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