Chapter 2-10 “Branded”

Yay!  we finally get to see our first (obvious) magical effects!  Woooo!  And yes, it hurts that twerp very much.  What it means for him will be shown in the next comic.  Branding is the marking of a criminal using a talent called “shaping”.  It’s the ability of some to alter something on its most basic level.  I’ll have to post something about that when we get to see a bit more of it.  The brand marks on the back of Kinslayer’s hands show the whole world the crime for which she was found guilty.

*Once again, no color yet.  That will be remedied soonish.  I’m currently in the middle of what’s essentially 8 straight days of work, so I have to fit it in when I’m able.  At least it’s posted, right?  Right???!  Check back in a couple days for the full effect!

**And yes, I know I misspelled “thief.”  I’ll be fixing that, as well.


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