Chapter 2-05 “A Missed Opportunity”

Not everyone recognizes a second chance when it’s offered.  Others enjoy watching a train wreck.

** I had the worst time coming up with the layout for this comic.  It’s still awful, but at least it’s done.  I am very pleased with the second panel.  Inset panel?  Whatever.  I think Taalu and Baras look pretty cool.  Also, I just learned the joys of doing text and bubbles in Manga Studio 5.  MS5 is freaking badass.  I have gone through so much frustration trying to find means of doing text in a satisfactory way.  I have found several that work and now that I have a bubble tool that works, I now have a complete toolkit.

** Various shades of brown are the most common hair colors for the Umat.  (Umat means “people of Umo” so saying the Umat people is a bit redundant.)  Dark blonde and black are rare.  Light blonde is so extremely rare that it’s considered to be an omen by many, often of good fortune.  Julea’s white hair is entirely unheard of except to a certain few and might be considered a curse or a mark of her sin placed on her by the gods.  Red hair does not exist among the Umat, though it has been seen on certain foreign folk who have come to trade.  For eyecolor, brown and hazel are the only shades.  Foreigners with blue eyes are greeted with great curiosity.  Julea’s eyes are something else entirely.  xD


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