Chapter 2-03 “Yes, Summon the Guards”

So maybe Taalu isn’t such a nice guy, after all?  Poor old guy just got his stuff walked on, so whatever’s happening, he’s totally not feeling it.

*I have noticed over the years that guard summoning is a popular sport among self-important bully types in films, books, and TV shows.  The sad thing is that it happens all the time in real life.  The more obnoxious someone is, the quicker they are to call the police or appropriate authority for trivial matters.

**I’m pretty pleased with how this one came out.  I still need more practice with light and shadow but I’m getting better.  I was definitely more confident with the compositions and whatnot than I was in my last comic–which I still need to finish.  >.>  So I’m lazy.  Whatevs.


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