Chapter 2-01 “Taalu at the Temple Market”

Yay!  Chapter 2 is finally here and we begin Taalu’s journey at a poor peddler’s blanket  at the market near the steps of the Temple of Aniya.  The Temple Market has been in existence since well before the completion of the temple itself.  Here you find items sold for sacrifice.  (Sorry folks, Aniya does not accept blood sacrifices except from those who shed their own in defense of others.)  Many who come to the temple are seeking Aniya’s intercession with the other gods (the lesser and greater spirits.)  For this purpose, many purchase icons bearing an image invoking the spirit they seek to entreat.

*Sorry for the late posting!!  I did warn that my schedule would be a bit wonky, but I was honestly hoping to have this out on Wednesday.  Either way, “weekly” will have to be the only promise I can make going forward, at least for a while.


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