Chapter 1-9 “Battleborn 5″


Julea turns to face her third opponent!  In a battle where every second is the difference between life and death, what will stay your hand?  It is a decision one must learn to make to become battleborn.


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I’ve been sick and working a lot over the past couple weeks making it very difficult to keep my comic schedule up.  I’ll keep pushing until this sequence finishes and take a week off publishing to recover and catch up.  I might make it a regular thing.  7 weeks on, 1 week off or something.  I’m so anxious to see the comic on the pages, to tell the story I really don’t want to stop.  It actually can’t go fast enough for me!  Hmmmm… Wacom needs to make a tablet that connects directly to your brain and puts on the page the image exactly as you imagine it.  I’m sure weird things would show up in relatively empty areas, though.  Like octopus trees and nuns on stilts.  That would totally break the feel, so nevermind.  Screw you Wacom!  Get out of my head!

Ya, so… enjoy the comic!