Chapter 1-8  ”Battleborn” part 4

Kinslayer presses her advantage of surprise.  Battleborn!


This battle got worked over time and again in my head and on paper.  I figure the time of the first two attacks totals about 3 seconds tops, so this guy has pretty good reaction time recovering from the surprise as he does, especially considering his attention was elsewhere (I won’t spoil it for you.)  My question is, just how does a warrior who has accepted death as a way of life react when he faces his defeat?  Some tribal cultures considered it a great sign of weakness to show fear or pain on their faces, even in the most extreme circumstances, often testing it with ritual burnings or other torments.  Would a stoic countenance truly be possible even as a staff pushes your windpipe out the other side of your throat?  This guy sure does a good job of it.


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