Chapter 1 p6: Battleborn 2

Kinslayer steels herself the battle ahead charging headlong into the unknown.  Now begins the first fight of her new life.  Now she is to be Battleborn.    (Seriously, I need to find less silly ways to include the keyword for SEO purposes.)


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One thing I find interesting is that when writing and drawing these pages I’m trying to feel what she feels so I can better communicate it.  Right now she doesn’t feel fear like I know I would.  She feels a compulsion to do something, and that something is charging right in.  Fear can wait.

The fog of war.  For those unfamiliar with strategy games, it’s the sections of a map which are blacked out or greyed due to the fact none of your your units are in line of sight.  It obscures enemy positions, numbers, and movements.  It’s one of the things that makes strategy games compelling.  You have to be ready to push into the fog of war, risking your own units, in order to find out where and how best to attack your enemy.  Apparently, Julea hasn’t learned strategy, and instead prefers the Zerg approach.  She’s a one-girl zerg.