Chapter 1-50 “A Lesson in Victory”

Among the Umat, a people who has long survived on their prowess in war, the ultimate insult to a beaten foe is to leave them helpless, taking their weapon as your prize.

* Yayayayay!!  Chapter ending!  I will be taking two weeks off updating so I can finish up the Chapter 2 cover and work out the story a bit more.  Plus, I need the rest.  >.>  Regardless, I know my schedule at work will be changing soon so I have no idea what kind of schedule I’ll be able to do for the comic.  I’ll definitely post about that as soon as I find out.*

**The page is, yet again, unfinished.  There are some details, like the many stab wounds on Ntor which still need to be put in, a few other details… like the poor guy with a newly stubby foot leaving a trail of blood as he crawls to his comrades.  I’ll do that later today.*

***Max Miller over at Artagem has just finished everthing he needs to publish his book for Shattered With Curve of Horn.  I can’t wait to see the finished piece!  Go check out his comic since I believe he’ll be taking offline pretty soon and the only way to read it will be in its physical book form.***


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