Chapter 1-47 “Red Against Black”

The red belt Kinslayer wears is a mark of her crime, set upon her by the Priests of Umo upon the order of Llera after her “trial”.  It marks her as a murderer and it can never be removed by any hand or blade set upon it.  The black spots are burned into the backs of her hands as marks of one who has slain family.  The circle represents life, family, and clan.  When filled in black, it is the destruction of these things.  The marks are described as blacker than black, darker than shade, not even the shadow lands of Amun have a darker corner within.  And only Amun upon judgment can remove them.  The moment she was marked, her life was not her own.  Her name was taken away, only the title Kinslayer belongs to her.

Once again I apologize for the late posting.  In addition to my other mentioned schedule change issues, I was called in at 4:30 this morning because a coworker was unable to leave her driveway due to the ice.  So… instead of working on my comic, I went into work.  Yay!  That’s okay, though.  I got to play hero and save the day in my own little way so I’m happy.

* I’m mostly happy with how this one turned out.  Her eyes look pretty damn cool.  I think with a little work, this page could be worthy of a poster?  Anyone interested?  What do you think?


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