Chapter 1-46 “Knife and Sword”

Which will bite deeper?

Hey, I’m proud to say I’m participating in the Comic Creators for Freedom fundraising drive this year!  All the proceeds of this campaign go to benefit Love146, a charitable organization whose goal is to end child trafficking and exploitation.  Stop on by and make a donation if you’re able.  The theme this year was “Awkward School Photo” so our lovely little Kinslayer is there in her Sunday finest looking dorky and washed out as possible.  The poor girl is so pale, flash photography just makes her a pasty white smear wearing a red rope belt.

**Yay holidays!  Here in America we just suffered through Thanksgiving.  I’m going to blame that on why my comic is 7 hours late getting posted.  At least my schedule change allows me to sleep all day Monday if I need to.  xD

*** Yes, boys and girls, that is an iron sword.  How such a thing exists in a bronze age story will be explained, so fret not.  I did make it extra bright and shiny so it stands out a bit.


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