Chapter 1-44 “Proof of Death”

Heh… I hate when that happens.


When a task of killing is given, proof of death is the means by which your deed is confirmed.  This blade for vengeance did find its mark, but did not cut her.


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**I actually got called into work today, so instead of working on this I was getting overtime.  I like overtime.  I hate losing time on my comic.  So this page is unfinished but it’s good enough for now.  It needs a lot of polish and I cut a few corners which shows.  …well, it shows to me and it’s going to drive me nuts until I can fix it.  I’ll have a completed one up tomorrow night.  What’s important is that it tells the story.  At least I hope it does.  Damn I’m neurotic when I’m tired.

*** Aw crap… I just noticed I forgot to show the blood flowing from the wound on his arm.  Right now it just looks like he’s massaging a cramp instead of slowing the flow.  Just more to fix after work tomorrow.  …tonight.  Whatever.

**** Yay!  Finished the comic and uploaded.  Enjoy!