Chapter 1-43 “First Lesson of the Warrior”

If you can breathe, you can fight!

Pain is just the order of business for Kinslayer at this point.  She’s living on willpower alone.

*** I was checking in on the updates for the Shattered With Curve of Horn Kickstarter (of which I’m a proud supporter and you should be, too!) when i discovered that there’s a Ninja High School Kickstarter!  Holy cow!  I read that stuff when I was in middle school like… forever ago!  It says it started in 1987, so I guess I was an early adopter as that’s about when I was reading it.  Yeah, that makes me feel freakin old.  It had everything that made that old school manga awesome, ninjas, aliens, superheroes, mechs, high school crushes, unrequited love triangles of angst, and even the occasional battle!  Ah… that takes me back.

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