Chapter 1-42 “Cut Down”

While Kinslayer struggles within herself, the barbarians continue their assault.

Oh noes!!!  Yeah, no hints or discussion on this one.  Mmmm juicy juicy details to be filled in soon!  I can hear the gears turning, “how the heck does someone get out of being gutted?”  Well, they don’t.

**I was motivationally challenged this week.  I did a somewhat taxing art project earlier in the week for a gift exchange at work and was left tired and drained afterward.  I also found The Sims 3 on sale for digital download for major cheap and made the mistake of buying it.  Yeah… that’s a real life sucker there.  After making the same mistake on The Sims and Sims 2, I should have known better.  I did, however create a character somewhat modeled after Julea and one of her her future best friends who we won’t meet until we finally reach Sanctuary.  Yeah, that might not be til sometime next year.  lol

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